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Classroom Parent

Classroom Parent is a secure, online directory that CASPA maintains for use by all parents. Parents may edit their own information and may also sign-up to volunteer for activities through Classroom Parent.
Classroom Parent Help Sheet

Here are our Top 3 reasons why you should use Classroom Parent:
1. Want to print out your very own copy of the Cathedral School directory? No problem! Login and click on the “PA” tab > “MATERIALS” sub-tab to download easily printable PDFs of the directory, homeroom lists, and the school calendar.
2. Want to sign up for volunteer opportunities for your child’s homeroom or school-wide events? Click the “Volunteering” tab to view volunteer opportunities and sign up. Another perk—Classroom Parent sends you an email reminder of your volunteer commitment right after you sign up.
3. Want to email another parent, teacher, or staff member? Just type a last name into the Search field to quickly find email addresses & contact info.

So let’s get down to brass tacks here. The real nuts and bolts of how to navigate Classroom Parent. Once you master these few steps, you will never know how you lived without Classroom Parent!

How do I register for Classroom Parent?
• Go to
• Click on the “SIGN UP” button in the upper right hand corner
• When prompted to enter your username, enter your email address that you have provided for the school directory
• Choose a password
• The system will “Congratulate” you when you have successfully signed up

How do I log into Classroom Parent?
• Once you are registered/signed up, you may go to the website,, and click on the “LOG IN” button in the upper right hand corner
• Enter your username (email) and password
• Want the system to remember your password for faster login next time? Click the “remember me” check box.
• Click the Login button
• You’re good to go

How do I check and/or edit my information?
• Once logged in, click on your name in the upper right hand corner (It will say “Hi [your name]”). Your contact information and preferences will appear.
• To change or add information, click on “EDIT”
• Double check that your contact information, especially email address
• Click on “UPDATE” to save your changes

How can I sign up for events/celebrations? REMEMBER: ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST BE STAND APPROVED!
• Click on the “VOLUNTEERING” tab and all events that are related to your child’s homeroom and grade will show up. You may then click on “SIGN UP” to volunteer
• Another way to sign up is to go to the “CLASSROOMS” tab and click on your child’s classroom (i.e. 3B). Click on “VOLUNTEERS NEEDED” (in red) and sign up.
• To see events that pertain to an entire grade (i.e. bake sale), go to the “GRADES” tab and click on your child’s grade. Click on “VOLUNTEERS NEEDED” (in red) and sign up.
• A reminder email will be sent out to all parents, who have a current email and who have not unsubscribed to Classroom Parent, the Sunday 2 weeks before the event. Parents may then click on “volunteers needed” through this email to sign up. Slots may already be filled at this point but you will be given the opportunity to see if there are any available volunteer openings.