Faculty & Staff

It is the ministry of Catholic educators to embody the faith in everything they do. They model and teach children how to form a personal relationship with Jesus and build a foundation for lifelong learning and discipleship. Meet our talented and dedicated faculty and staff!


Monsignor Richard Woy Rector rwoy@cmoq.org
Michael Wright
Father Kevin Ewing Chaplain kevin.ewing@cmoq.org
Rosanna Czarnecki Assistant Principal rczarnecki@cmoq.org


Angela Barton 6th Grade Teacher - 6A  abarton@cmoq.org
Megan Bergin CED Aftercare Director / PowerSchool Admin mbergin@cmoq.org
Rick Bush
Physical Education Teacher
Bess Calwell Kindergarten Assistant - KB
Lauren Connor 2nd Grade Teacher - 2A lconnor@cmoq.org
Peyton Courtney 5th Grade Teacher - 5B pcourtney@cmoq.org
Kevin Dachille 7th Grade Teacher - 7A kdachille@cmoq.org
Samantha Donis 7th Grade Teacher - 7B sdonis@cmoq.org
Brendan Ford 3rd Grade Teacher - 3B bford@cmoq.org
Natalie Gries Band Director
Stephanie Hadaway 1st Grade Teacher - 1B shadaway@cmoq.org
Jennifer Harrington 4th Grade Teacher - 4A jharrington@cmoq.org
Catherine Lobo, RN School Nurse clobo@cmoq.org
Tara Macia 2nd Grade Teacher - 2B tmacia@cmoq.org
Julie Mainello 1st Grade Assistant - 1B jmainello@cmoq.org
April-Ann Marshall Art Teacher  amarshall@cmoq.org
Jon Mathis Music Teacher jmathis@cmoq.org
David Meadows Substitute - Phys. Ed.
Tim Miller 8th Grade Teacher - 8B tmiller@cmoq.org
Erin Moore 3rd Grade Teacher - 3A emoore@cmoq.org
Sr. Jane Moran Library Assistant jmoran@cmoq.org
Kathleen Pendergast Kindergarten Teacher - KB kpendergast@cmoq.org
Maritza Rodriguez Spanish Teacher mrodriguez@scmoq.org
Patrice Rudolphi Kindergarten Teacher - KA prudolphi@cmoq.org
Lauren Schmitt 8th Grade Teacher - 8A lschmitt@cmoq.org
Lauren Schwartz (nee Jackson) 4th Grade Teacher - 4B ljackson@cmoq.org
Janice Spinnato Pre-First Teacher jspinnato@cmoq.org
Bernadette Streett School Counselor bstreett@cmoq.org
Kristin Strong Modern Language Teacher kristin.strong@cmoq.org
Margie Teeters 1st Grade Teacher - 1A MTeeters@cmoq.org
Sr. Mary Catherine Thomas Kindergarten Assistant - KA mthomas@cmoq.org
Christine Unitas Pre-First Assistant cunitas@cmoq.org
Jan Van Huizen Director of Library and Information Services jvanhuizen@cmoq.org
Brigid Wilder 5th Grade Teacher - 5A bwilder@cmoq.org
Morgan Wilder 1st Grade Assistant - 1A mwilder@cmoq.org

Administrative Staff

Mary Beliveau Director of Development mbeliveau@cmoq.org
Fiona Diemer Director of Admissions fdiemer@cmoq.org
Elise Elbourne Receptionist eelbourne@scmoq.org
Aaron Holman IT Support
Clare Logue Youth Ministry Coordinator clare.logue@cmoq.org
Beth Mayr Communications Coordinator bmayr@cmoq.org
Sue Seiler Office Manager sseiler@cmoq.org

Regina Plan

Patty Darby
Regina Plan Coordinator
Regina Cavanaugh Regina Plan Tutor rmcavanaugh@cmoq.org
Jody Escobar Regina Plan Tutor jescobar@cmoq.org
Mary Ann Jacokes Regina Plan Tutor MJacokes@cmoq.org
Mary Jean Meyer Regina Plan Tutor mmeyer@cmoq.org
Grace Pollack Regina Plan Tutor gpollack@cmoq.org
Ann Marie Ramey Regina Plan Tutor aramey@cmoq.org
Maria Salvatore Regina Plan Tutor MSalvatore@cmoq.org