Virtual Admissions

Virtual Admissions Events

At The School of the Cathedral, we wish that you and your family are safe and healthy during this time. Our Admissions Team is excited to connect with you! Through the use of technology, such as Zoom conferencing, you can now connect with our Admissions Team in a variety of ways to ensure that all your needs and questions are being answered about our admissions process.


Schedule a Personal Virtual Admissions Meeting

There are many ways for you to explore our Catholic School! One of the best ways to do so is by scheduling a Zoom video conference meeting. This one on one opportunity provides you and your family with the chance to meet with our Admissions Team via Zoom conferencing and have any and all of your questions answered about what life is like at The School of the Cathedral.

Schedule a Virtual Meeting


Hear from Parents of The School of the Cathedral 

“I am blown away by all the administration, teachers, and staff are doing to teach and encourage and engage the students. The addition of specials, while not necessary, is just another example of going the extra mile. We are feeling very blessed. Thank you to everyone there.”
-Carrie, parent of students in grades K, 2, 4, 6, and 8

“Our experience has been great!! I think the best part has been having the support from the amazing teachers. They have been so good at staying in touch with everyone.”
-Kate, parent of students in grades K and PF

“My family and I feel so fortunate to be part of the Cathedral community, now more than ever. Lately, the world feels as if it’s falling apart around us.  Cathedrals school and parish community has extended “virtual” open arms to all it’s members during these scary and uncertain times. As a parent I am forever grateful for our community’s kindness and compassion. As a (former) teacher, I am impressed beyond words by the dedication, professionalism and faithfulness our teachers have taught our children thus far. Some of the greatest lessons we will learn this year will not be from a textbook…”
-Jennifer, parent of students in grades K, 4, and 6

“I have been completely blown away by how quickly and adeptly the School of the Cathedral has gone to online instruction. It is as if the school had been doing this for decades. I can tell you that as a professor at Johns Hopkins, I have found this transition challenging, but Cathedral has kept it moving as if nothing had changed. It is an inspiration to me.”
-Noah, parent of students in grades 5 and 7