Visit Our Open House

Our Next Open House 

Interested in visiting the school, having a deeper look into our programs, and experiencing the regular school routine? 
Visit our next Open House on Tuesday, February 1st at 8:30 AM-11:30 AM! 

What to visit now? 

Schedule a private tour today! 


What Happens During the Open House?

At our Open House, you will have an exclusive insider-look into the every day experience of the school! Some of the main events include: 

  • Conversations and presentations led by our Principal Dr. Michael Wright, Vice Principal Rosanna Czarnecki, Parish Rector Father Louis Bianco, School Board President Julie Cain, and Director of Enrollment Gina McGee.  
  • Tours led by our Principal, Vice Principal and Director of Enrollment. Student Ambassadors assist with tours to share their experience of the school. 
  • Observation of in-person classroom visits with teachers available to answer your questions.
  • And much much more!


For more information on our Pre-K 4 - 8 grade curriculum and tuition, visit the pages HERE


Contact Gina McGee, the Director of Enrollment, at