The Cathedral Ball

Join us for the Disco Ball: May 1, 2021!

Celebrating cultural diversity through art, music, and theater at The School of the Cathedral.

Join us for this fun, family affair to support and celebrate the School of the Cathedral at the Virtual Disco Ball!   

Your "ticket" to the ball includes: 

  • A Ball in a Box - gourmet sweet and savory treats, craft cocktail mixers, a Disco Bingo Board, and more!
  • "Attendence" for the whole family at the LIVE DJ Dance Party and Disco Bingo entry!

The live Ball event, along with silent auction, will be held via Zoom on May 1 at 6:30pm.


Virtual Talent Show

Cathedral, you've got talent! We want our community to showcase all the skills you have worked on during this crazy year at home. Submissions are already being accepted! The video will be released to the school community the week leading up to the Disco Ball.



We have a great auction as part of the Disco Ball! Bid on a variety of experiences, items, and more - all to help support arts at Cathedral. 


Sponsor the Disco Ball

We invite sponsors to learn more about sponsoring the Disco Ball! See the full document of benefits here.


About the Disco Ball

Expanded Art, Music and Theater programs will offer essential enrichment and balance to the Cathedral curriculum.  When well-planned and supported, the Arts provide our students with an authentic learning experience- engaging their minds, hearts, and bodies. By capturing his or her whole person, the student feels invested in ways that are deeper than “knowing the answer” and allows for more innovative problem solving. Learning through the arts not only builds a student’s confidence through self-expression but also broadens their understanding of culture, human behavior and history.