Tuesday, December 12

Notes from the Principal's Desk: December 13, 2017

As we look at our school mission in relation to Advent, we have a chance to examine our Catholic identity more closely. At Cathedral, we educate the whole child and develop the skills within the students to prepare them for a world that is rapidly evolving. The global changes our students encounter in the future will require a different set of skills than those required from previous generations.

Tuesday, December 12

Bring in CHANGE to make CHANGE!

Please bring in all spare change so we can make change! Student Council is having a PENNY DRIVE. Bring in loose change to your homeroom teachers and your class representatives will collect it each week. ½ of the collection will go towards Student Council and ½ of the collection will go to Holy Angels Catholic School on S. Caton Ave. Thanks so much!

Monday, December 11

The Gilmore Clan

One of the many reasons that Cathedral is so special is that we often watch entire families come through our doors. This is a bittersweet article to write because we are preparing to say goodbye to the last Gilmore sibling. Tess will graduate this June, and we know she will follow her brothers’ examples, having many successful endeavors in high school and beyond. Let’s catch up with Tess’s three brothers.

Wednesday, December 6

Notes from the Principal's Desk: December 6, 2017

Cathedral uses technology to support instruction, focusing on student engagement through opportunities for choice, differentiated instruction, and working directly with students.

Tuesday, December 5

Mrs. Bernadette Streett, a remarkable School Counselor

​When I think about Bernadette Streett and how best to describe her, so many positive adjectives come to mind. The three that pop into my head instantly are selfless, compassionate, and talented. Mrs. Streett is so generous with her time and talents and a true advocate for her students and her contemporaries, as well. She has given 23 years to the community here at Cathedral. During that time, she has helped countless children and adults work through difficult issues and learn how to express themselves and communicate more effectively.

Tuesday, November 28

Notes from the Principal's Desk: November 28, 2017

How to talk to your child about maintaining a growth mindset, and how to develop their self-advocacy skills.

Tuesday, November 21

Notes from the Principal's Desk: November 21, 2017

A celebration of the First Annual Turkey Trot, a beautiful Middle School Prayer Service, and impressive ELA and math scores. Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 21

Teacher Tuesday: Mr. Mathis

Did you know that Mr. Jon Mathis has been making music at Cathedral for 24 years? That is impressive! Jon loves teaching Music class because he wants his students to find the joy and fun in making music. He tries to pick pieces that he knows his students will get excited about singing and playing.

Monday, November 20

Congrats to the cast of Peter Pan, Jr.!

Thanks to all who auditioned for the spring musical, Peter Pan, Jr. Mark your calendars now for these performances!

Tuesday, November 14

Congrats to the Chess Club!

​The School of the Cathedral participated in the Roland Park Scholastic on Saturday Nov 4 and competed in two divisions. Click this article to see how awesome tour teams did!