3 Cathedral “Lifers” Share Some Lessons on Life

The Tadeo Family

Dennis ‘12, Daniel ‘13, and Mary ‘14

The Tadeo Family left their footprints in our school and hearts in many remarkable ways. Michele and Dennis Tadeo were amazing Cathedral parents and  volunteers who were happily involved in all aspects of the school culture, from chairing the Cathedral Ball, to helping with the Middle School Musical, to offering their home for many school parties and events.They did all of this with with passion, purpose, and humor! 

They also raised 3 wonderful children, Dennis ‘12, Daniel ‘13, and Mary ‘14,  who were all equally involved in every opportunity Cathedral offered them. After graduating from 8th grade at Cathedral and earning the title “Lifers” (students who were at Cathedral for 9 years), the three Tadeo children went on to Loyola Blakefield and Notre Dame Prep. They focused on what they had learned at Cathedral by continuing their passion for Service, Sciences, Art, and Music.

Currently, Dennis, ‘12, is in his third year at William & Mary in Virginia. He is studying Economics with a minor in Psychology. Dennis shares what he took with him from Cathedral: 

“The ‘Cathedral way’ is to look out for everyone and to make sure nobody gets left behind. By carrying the ‘Cathedral way’ with me throughout life, I have been able to create and maintain meaningful relationships with a wide variety of people, from many different backgrounds.” 

His life lesson for us is to “look around and breathe.”

Daniel, ‘13, now studies on the west coast in California at UCLA. We are missing him a great deal because he came back to Cathedral every year of his high school career to paint the sets for the Middle School Musical. He is studying Neuroscience and Applied Linguistics. He is also very involved in mentoring elementary school children from a variety of demographics in L.A. to provide help in their educational success and self-esteem. One life lesson he has learned along his path is: 

“As I continue to grow as a Catholic and as a student, I can’t help but embrace each day the mindset Cathedral instilled in me for 9 years-a lifestyle ingrained with both spirituality and academic excellence.”

Finally, we have Mary, ‘14, who is a freshman at SCAD (Savannah College for Art and Design). Mary has been living with a passion for the Arts since her early Cathedral days of the musical and the 8th grade self-portraits- 2 favorite memories she has of her days here. Mary dedicates her time to drawing and portraits and hopes to focus on Animation while at SCAD. Mary says she remembers some of the mantras she learned here, like “think smarter, not harder.” She also shares how she learned the foundations for how to write a solid 5 paragraph essay and was taught impeccable study skills. But mostly, Mary recalls that: 

“Going to Cathedral I was guided in the right direction, but given the freedom to push myself to work hard.” 

This is a life lesson that will go with her everywhere.

Thanks so much to Dennis, Daniel, and Mary Tadeo for sharing your stories with us. We are proud to call you SCMOQ Alumni. Come back to visit soon!

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