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Wednesday, April 17

Mustang Musings: 25th anniversary of the Cardinal Cup, Class of 2015 updates, 10th anniversary of Godspell, Jr., and more

Welcome to Mustang Musings! Enjoy articles and updates for School of the Cathedral alumni and their families.

Friday, March 15

Mustang Musings: the Tadeo family, High School Pasta & Bingo, and more

Welcome to Mustang Musings! Enjoy articles and updates for School of the Cathedral alumni and their families.

Friday, March 15

3 Cathedral “Lifers” Share Some Lessons on Life

The Tadeo family (Dennis '12, Daniel '12, and Mary '14) share some lessons they learned at Cathedral and still carry with them today.

Thursday, September 27

Congratulations, Class of 2014!

Congratulations to our SCMOQ Class of 2014 on all of their accomplishments in high school. We can’t wait to hear how your next journey is going. Take a look at where they are now!

Monday, March 26

Mustang Monday: Erin Cain '09

​What an honor it is to write about Erin Cain, a Cathedral “lifer” who started here in Kindergarten and graduated in 2009! Erin is the daughter of Paul and Julie Cain, both very active parishioners, and the sister of Meghan ‘10. Erin is someone who has spent her life in service to others. Read more here about this amazing young woman.

Monday, January 22

Mustang Monday: The Swiss Family

Let’s flash back to the 90s for a minute…The Cold War ends as the USSR dissolves, The World Wide Web is publicly debuted as an Internet Service, Nirvana and Pearl Jam battle it out on the Seattle grunge scene, Forest Gump and Wayne’s World make history in the box office, Jerry Garcia dies, Camden Yards opens, the Ravens come to town, and the Swiss Family runs the halls of The School of the Cathedral. What a blast it was catching up with the three Swisses and learning about all of their successes since graduating from SCMOQ.

Monday, December 11

The Gilmore Clan

One of the many reasons that Cathedral is so special is that we often watch entire families come through our doors. This is a bittersweet article to write because we are preparing to say goodbye to the last Gilmore sibling. Tess will graduate this June, and we know she will follow her brothers’ examples, having many successful endeavors in high school and beyond. Let’s catch up with Tess’s three brothers.

Monday, November 13

Catching Up with the Cobb Family

Michael and Molly Cobb credit Cathedral as a place where great values were instilled and deep, lifelong friendships were made.

Monday, October 30

Archer Senft '13 offers words of wisdom from time at Cathedral

Archer has so much wisdom from which we can all learn. His sage advice to our students is “…to always have hope and trust in God’s plan."

Monday, October 16

Love of service started at Cathedral for Catherine Diemer ‘14

Catherine Diemer, '14, discloses that one of the most important pieces of advice she received in Kenya was from one of the leaders. He told her that the secret to happiness is not about how much you have, but rather the secret to happiness is to love everyone, to forgive everyone, and to have courage. She states, “These are lessons I learned at Cathedral!”