Announcing Spirit Days!

We are so fortunate and grateful to have wonderful new items available in the Mustang Market.  We are thrilled to see the excitement the new spiritwear is generating with our student body.  For those that haven’t had a chance to check out the new items, we encourage you to visit the Mustang Market on Friday afternoons.  Although we have some great new items available, we do want to remind everyone that these items are spiritwear, not part of the School of the Cathedral uniform.

The concept of wearing uniforms has been in place for hundreds of years.  So why do we still require school uniforms?  According to research, school uniforms:

  • improve school disciple
  • diminish economic and social barriers between students
  • increase a sense of belonging and school pride

to name just a few reasons why Catholic schools still have uniform policies.*  When the students are in uniform, they are “dressed for success” each day.  We would like to continue to reap the benefits of students wearing school uniforms.  We ask that students not wear spiritwear items as a part of the daily uniform, specifically the new ¾ zip jacket and the new colored t-shirts.  (Please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook pages 26-28 for specific details on our school uniform policy if you have any questions.) The great news is that the new gray sweatpants ARE approved for wear with the uniform, so students may choose from the gray sweatpants or the traditional navy blue sweatpants on gym days.

We encourage students to wear spiritwear on designated TAG/out of uniform days.  These days occur several times throughout the course of the school year and are a great time to continue to show your school pride by wearing the new spiritwear items.  You may even see faculty members sporting the new spiritwear at times because we love it as much as the students do!  

Our first Spiritwear Day will be Friday, February 23. More dates will be added to the calendar soon!

Again, we are so grateful to have the wonderful new items in the Mustang Market and look forward to seeing more merchandise in the future.  Thank you to the all the volunteers that make the Mustang Market possible and for all the wonderful new spiritwear items that continue to excite our school community.

*Wilde, Marian. “Do Uniforms Make Schools Better?.”  Great Schools, 3 Nov 2017,