Cardinal Cup Results!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Cardinal Cup this weekend! About 500 runners, walkers, volunteers, spectators and sponsors from Mother Seton Academy and the School of the Cathedral joined us for a beautiful morning! For complete results, visit  Here are some running highlights!

1. John Ford 16:57.0
2. Marlon Jacobs 18:13.7
3. Alexander Gonzalez-Guzman 19:58.1
1. Natalie O’Neill 21:32.1
2. Ellie Bowman 21:38.7
3. Lindsay Purpura 21:45.0

1. Tom Matteini
2. Matthew Smith
3. Keith McQuaid
4. Peter O’Neill
5. Simon Robinson
1. Lindsay Purpura
2. Susie Counselman
3. Clare Bever
4. Carrie Barth
5. Katja Ehrhardt

1. Liam M., 5th
2. Lars B., 7th
3. Luke B., 5th
4. Terence M., 7th
5. Jack R., 8th
6. Teague M., 7th
7. Hayden B., 4th
8. Henry M., 7th
9. Owen M., 7th
10. Luigi D., 8th
1. Natalie O., 8th
2. Molly W., 5th
3. Abby B., 6th
4. Eloise R., 5th 
5. Eva S., 5th
6. Hannah M., 3rd
7. Claire S., 5th
8. Bridget D., 4th
9. Anne Baxter D., 5th
10. Sally B., 3rd

K/PF: Nora D.
1st: Leo B., Rory W. and Allyn D.
2nd: William G. and Elisa G.
3rd: Brady M. and Hannah M.
4th: Hayden B. and Bridget D.
5th: Liam M. and Molly W.
6th: Jonah M. and Abby B.
7th: Lars B. and Gabby J.
8th: Jack R. and Natalie O.

TOP CATHEDRAL ALUMNI: Kieran O’Neill and Domenico DiPasquale

TOP CATHEDRAL FACULTY: Father Kevin Ewing and Erin Moore

Special thanks to Monsignor Woy, Mr. Wright, Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Mayr, Mrs. Czarnecki, Mrs. Metzbower, Mr. Holman and the CASPA Board for their support during planning and to
Pat Bergin, Aaron Oxen and Gerard Britton for their help during race week.

We are forever indebted to our over FIFTY faculty, parent, student and parish
volunteers who made this day possible.

Don’t forget to support our local sponsors who made this day great!

Thank you again!
The Cardinal Cup Committee