Dean's Corner: October 11 2017

Today, as I was returning from the Middle School Professional Development session, I was struck by the words displayed on a billboard: "The world needs fearless ideas." These words struck me because this is what I believe we are preparing our students for.  As we prepare students for the 21st Century, we are teaching students the skills they will use in jobs that have not yet be identified.  We are providing them with a safe environment in which they can take risks and learn from failures, rather than be limited by them.  We are educating students that will be able to take risks and develop ideas fearlessly. I feel our role as educators is becoming even more important.  Asking students to memorize state capitals, math facts, or the Periodic Table is no longer as important as teaching students the steps involved in breaking a problem down to solve it and providing a space for students to create solutions for problems that already exist. The integration of technology, the ability to choose alternative seating, and the development of the makerspace are all ways in which we as educators are working towards a common goal.  We are creating leaders that will be the problem solvers of the future.  These leaders will create the "fearless ideas" of the future.

Lisa Metzbower

Middle School Dean