Featuring Lacey Aumiller O'Neil '93

This month, we spotlight Lacey Aumiller O’Neil ‘93 in our Cathedral Mustang Musings. Lacey O’Neil and Ridgely Bowman just co-chaired the “Island Ball” and gave so generously of their time and energy to make the event a roaring success! We are so grateful to both of them for all their dedication.

Did you know that Lacey’s family is a legacy here? She and her two siblings, Rob Aumiller ‘91 and Lauren Aumiller Cronin ‘95, are “lifers” at Cathedral. The Aumillers chose Cathedral for their children 30 years ago for the same reasons that Lacey and her husband, Ben, decided on Cathedral today.  Lacey says they send their children, Milly and Bo, to school here because: 

“...we want to give them the best education, both intellectually as well as morally, while being part of such a great group of families. We liked the idea of them learning how to be good Christians, how to treat people, and learn to give back to those in need. Cathedral definitely lays the groundwork for morals and for what it means to be a good, kind, and compassionate person. Some of my favorite things about Cathedral are the amazing families that make up the Cathedral community, as well as the wonderful teachers and staff. The people that make up this community are truly special, fun, caring, down to earth, and all around great people. I love how the school has carried on so many of their traditions while also evolving in many ways.”

Lacey has so many special memories of being here: “I will always remember our eighth grade talent show and graduation.  Still to this day, some of my best friends are girls I met in first grade at Cathedral and went all the way through high school with. Some of my fondest memories include the yearly talent shows, being commissioner of school spirit and publicity, decorating the bulletin boards in the main staircase, 8 years of fun soccer games with my friends, annual field days, drawing the haunted house in art every year, science fairs, girl scouts, meeting in the foyer every advent season with the Nativity set, and doing Stations of the Cross. I will also remember many of the teachers who made such an impact on me and how special they were.”

Because of all of these reasons above, when she was asked to chair the Ball with Ridgely, Lacey said YES! She felt compelled to give back to a school that has given her so much. She said it was a pleasure to chair the ball and that she had so much fun working with Ridgely Bowman!