Getting to Know Father Kevin

It’s been a blast this fall having Father Kevin in our school and parish. We affectionately call him Rev Kev! He is faith-filled, fun, inspirational, and not afraid to jump right in and get to work with us. He has already experienced many Cathedral rites of passage: the Haiti Carnavale dunk booth, field trips, Stars and Stripes games, the Halloween Parade, Homecoming Kids Night, Mixers and Teen nights, the Bull Roast, and, most recently, the Turkey Trot. We know he is an awesome teammate, but here are some things you might not know:

Father Kevin Ewing is happy to be at Cathedral. He says that even though it is big, the closeness of the groups of people who are so involved make it feel like a family. He loves being a priest because he gets to share so many of life’s joys and sadnesses and can help people understand them as an instrument of God’s love and mercy. He wants to help people learn that God loves them. When asked what he wishes he could tell his 12 year old self, he says: 

“I would say that becoming who God wants you to be in life doesn’t mean we never mess up or make mistakes, or that we must do everything or solve all the problems of the world by ourselves! I think it is important to find one or two things you are really deeply passionate about and let God’s grace work on you and through you in those things, no matter what He calls you to do.” 

Rev Kev is a self-proclaimed “dog-person” because he loves their energy and happiness. He also loves watching baseball, especially the O’s, and his favorite sports to play are tennis and ultimate frisbee. He is the youngest of three siblings in his family, and he has 5 nieces and nephews, too.

The hardest question for Father to answer was which of the 4 Gospels is his favorite. His response took some deep thought. Can you guess which one it is?!


Father says Luke’s Gospel is his favorite because he writes about Jesus’s desire to teach, heal, and save not just a select few, but all of us! Jesus really wants us all to experience the love of God. 

We also just celebrated Father Kevin’s favorite holiday: Thanksgiving! He enjoys the big family gatherings filled with gratitude. Well, this might be a good time to remind Rev Kev that we are grateful for him and for all he is doing to make Cathedral a wonderful place. Share with Rev Kev how grateful you are that he's here... especially TODAY, as it's his birthday!

Thank you, Father Kevin!