Happy 10th Anniversary to SCMOQ’s "Godspell" Production

Click on "9 pictures," above right, to see photos from both 2009 and 2019!

It has been 10 years since the first production of “Godspell” at Cathedral directed by Mrs. Becky Scaletta. Let’s take a look back to 2009 to learn what our beloved director thinks the similarities and differences are and why she chose to do it again in 2019.

Mrs. Becky Scaletta has been at Cathedral since 2009. The first musical she directed at Cathedral was “Godspell.” She says, “I love producing “Godspell” at Cathedral during Lent because it focuses us on the Lord’s lessons and how to obey Him and how to love one another. It is about love and joy.” Becky says she wanted to do this musical again because it is her favorite musical she has directed. She states, “It involves the company in all parts of its preparation. The company builds the sets, designs their own costumes, and improvs the comical aspects of the parables. All the actors are on stage the entire time. You lose yourself in it and that is a wonderful feeling.”

One similarity of the 2009 and 2019 productions were that both had “powerhouse” soloists to pull off the music. The support of the school, parents, and CASPA has also always been great. Differences include the advanced technology Cathedral has now with sound and light. Being able to have the audience hear and see the cast is a huge improvement. It really has improved the experience for the middle school students. 

One great thrill for Becky Scaletta is that some of the kids that were in “Godspell” in 2009 are now graduating or have graduated from college with degrees in theater, arts, set-building, music, and acting. A few of these mustangs are Jack Scaletta ‘10, Luke Scaletta ‘13, Morgan Wilder ‘11, Natasha Szymkiewicz ‘11, Ben Fisher ‘09, Trish Munro ‘13, Edina Hiser ‘11, Cailin Smith ‘10, and Megan Cain ‘10. Becky says she likes to think it was this theater program at Cathedral that started them on their way