Alert School will be closed through April 24. Please see the Remote Learning plan to learn more. Read More

Important Information about Remote Learning


Schedule for Grades 3-6: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - Math and ELA

Schedule for Grades 7 and 8: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - Math and ELA 

Schedule for Grades 3 - 8: Tuesday and Thursday - Science, S.S., and Religion

Schedule for Specialty Classes (begins 3/30):

The expectations for school work are as follows:

  • Teachers will review material currently covered in classes
  • As appropriate, new content will be introduced
  • There will be no tests or quizzes that count towards a students grade
  • Projects may be given and assessed when students return to school and teachers have an opportunity to work with the students before the projects are completed and handed in.
  • The Regina Program Tutors are sending work packets home for Regina students to complete. 

Responsible Use

The same Responsible Use Policy that the students agree to at school applies to use of the devices at home.  IT support will be available, and we ask parents to email their teacher should support be needed.  We have conducted several beta tests with students, faculty, and staff, and the feedback has been very positive.  We recognize that this remote learning format is new for many of our families and even faculty. We ask that students and parents remain patient as we work through any bumps in the road as we roll out this initiative.

Communication with the school

Faculty and staff of the school will not be in school during the hiatus.  Mrs. Seiler, Mrs. Diemer, Mrs. Czarnecki, and I will be checking voicemails and responding to emails.  Teachers will still have access to email as well, and students or families who have any questions about the remote learning environment or assignments should reach out to the teachers.

Although this may be a challenging time, we know that by working collaboratively and remaining positive we will be able to overcome the obstacles that have been put in front of us.  The School of the Cathedral is a strong, powerful, faith-filled community, and we know that together we will meet the challenges ahead successfully.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me directly at
God bless and stay healthy,
Michael Wright and Rosanna Czarnecki