Mrs. Bernadette Streett, a remarkable School Counselor

When I think about Bernadette Streett and how best to describe her, so many positive adjectives come to mind. The three that pop into my head instantly are selfless, compassionate, and talented. Mrs. Streett is so generous with her time and talents and a true advocate for her students and her contemporaries, as well. She has given 23 years to the community here at Cathedral. During that time, she has helped countless children and adults work through difficult issues and learn how to express themselves and communicate more effectively.

Bernadette is answering a true vocation and loves working here because she is drawn to the students “amazingly natural and honest sense of wonder and curiosity.” She also delights in being a part of helping the children learn about and love God. She states, “I treasure the opportunity to be a part of the SCMOQ community and help students and their families through their journey called the elementary school years. I love when a student solves a dilemma that they have been working on or resolves a conflict with a friend-it is so exciting to be a part of each student’s growth and development to become healthy teens.”

Students and faculty eagerly and openly shared their feelings about Mrs. Streett. Sister Jane Moran did not hesitate to share, “Bernadette is so spontaneous and very relational. She deals with the individual. She is so enthusiastic for everything Cathedral. She is Wonder Woman.” Third grade teacher, Erin Moore, chimed in, “She is always willing to try new things and lend a hand wherever needed. She does a great job encouraging Mustang ticket and PRAY motto behavior. We are so thankful to have her here at Cathedral.”

When I asked our students how they feel about their school counselor, they swarmed me with beautiful phrases about why Mrs. Streett is so adored. I just could not write fast enough. The resounding responses were “she has really fun lunch bunch groups” and “she cares about everyone and puts others before herself.” I spoke with several fifth graders and Kylie Beard stated, “Mrs. Streett is caring and loving and she inspires me to try new things every day.” Katharine Hatfield told me, “She is always giving up her time to make our day happier. She wants us to have a smile on our face. She lets us do fun projects too.” Finally, Caroline Szeliga said, “Mrs. Streett is loving and caring and always helps you out if you are having trouble with something. She will help you out anytime.”

We thank you, Bernadette Streett, for all of the endless time and energy you give to our school every day. We are a better and happier group for it! You are a vital part of this community!