Notes from the Principal's Desk: Announcement from Rev Kev and other updates

Cathedral Ball
The time has finally come! This Saturday, May 1st, CASPA hosts the Cathedral Disco Ball. 
This year, the Ball theme focuses on celebrating cultural diversity through art, music, and theater at The School of the Cathedral. Ticket sales have concluded, but we hope you will support this fantastic effort via our auction! The silent auction closes Saturday, 5/1 at 10 p.m.

The goal of this year’s Ball is to raise money to support expanded Art, Music, and Theater programs which will offer essential enrichment and balance to the Cathedral curriculum. When well-planned and supported, the Arts provide our students with an authentic learning experience- engaging their minds, hearts, and bodies. By capturing his or her whole person, the student feels invested in more profound ways than just “knowing the answer” and allows for more innovative problem-solving. Learning through the arts builds a student’s confidence through self-expression and broadens their understanding of culture, human behavior, and history. 

Announcement from Fr. Kevin
Today, Rev Kev shares some bittersweet news in a video to our school community. We are so grateful for Fr. Kevin for his ministry at Cathedral and wish him the best in his next assignment!

Standardized Testing
The students have been hard at work this week engaging in standardized testing. All testing should wrap up this week, but if needed, we will have students finish testing next week.

Parents will receive their child’s testing results when report cards go home at the end of the school year. This new testing series has been very valuable to us as we examine the data to inform our instruction. Overall, the school has been performing above the AoB average, and we are eager to examine the data from this third testing round as we begin to prepare for next year.

Looking Ahead
There are many events planned for the upcoming weeks, so be sure to check out the school and Parish calendar. Below are some of the highlights:

Saturday, 5/1 - Saturday Devotions
Tuesday, 5/4 - Bible Study
Wednesday, 5/5 - First Communion Practice
Thursday, 5/6 - RCIA meeting
Friday, 5/7 - First Friday Adoration
Saturday, 5/8 - First Communion - please pray for our young people who will receive First Communion this day!
Saturday 5/8 and Sunday 5/9 at regular Masses - Marriage Vow Renewal
NEW: Mother's Day Remembrance Cards
NEW: Sunday, 5/16 - Outdoor Mass
NEW: Saturday, 6/5 - Memorial Mass for Thad Warszawski

God bless,
Dr. Michael Wright