Final Notes from the Principal's Desk of Dr. Wright: June 9, 2022

Although there is not much to share, I thought the weekly update an appropriate avenue to share my gratitude and thanks to everyone for a wonderful school year and the past 14 years! The end of the year is an excellent time to reflect on the many accomplishments and challenges we have overcome. While there are too many to list in this short space, I want to point out a couple of highlights of the year that I believe made us stronger as a community.
Opening Assembly
We had not had an opening assembly or gathered as a school in the gym in two years. Eager to begin the “new normal,” we gathered in the gym, and one could feel the energy of every student, faculty, and staff member in the school. It felt so good to be back together as a community. I remember my conversations with teachers who shared they were excited to have everyone together again. However, we all agreed to have everyone in the gym simultaneously, even masked, was probably too big of a risk to take until the COVID numbers decreased.
Back to School Celebration Volleyball Game
I was so happy we could renew the faculty vs. 8th-grade Volleyball game tradition. And as always, we managed to defeat the students!
Halloween Parade

A favorite tradition of the students and parents, the Halloween parade reminded me of how unique the Cathedral community is in schools today. Not every school still has a Halloween parade, and it was great to see how students, faculty, and staff participate. Of course, I will never forget Mrs. Seiler’s fabulous handmade costumes!
Christmas Convocation
As the COVID numbers declined, we were happy to be able to come together as a school community to hold an in-person Christmas convocation. A return to another one of the special Cathedral traditions!
Middle School Play
After a two-year hiatus, the middle school, joined by the 5th grade, put on an outstanding production of Matilda, Jr. A big thank you to Ms. Wilder and Ms. Szymkiewicz. They worked so hard to focus the many talents of so many different individuals to put on a great production!
Cathedral Ball & Cardinal Cup
CASPA has been such a crucial part of the school’s success. From helping show support for the teachers during the height of the pandemic to relaunching the in-person Cathedral Ball and Cardinal Cup, CASPA rallied the community to raise money for the school and Mother Seton Academy.
Teacher of the Year Assembly
Or so I thought! When the students, faculty, staff, and even our Associate Superintendent surprised me with a school-wide assembly to bid me farewell and express their thanks, I was overcome with so many emotions. As educators, we rarely get to see the fruit of our labor. We teach the children as best we can before releasing them into high school and beyond, but we are never sure if we have been successful. So when I heard the students yell “Surprise!” and saw the slide show and memory book, I was moved to tears. I have never felt so loved by a school community before.
To the faculty and staff - I am so proud of who you are as a community of learners and who you are becoming as a team. Technology and instructional practices change quickly in today’s environment. Still, you have met every challenge faced, embraced a growth mindset, and modeled resilience and grit for our students while remaining consummate professionals. 
To the students - you are why this school exists. Cathedral is a special place to develop the social, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual skills needed to succeed in life. Your memories here and the relationships you form will last long after you graduate high school. I pray you will never stop learning so that you may become the leaders that our world needs right now and in the future.
To CASPA and the parent community - your support of the teachers and the administration means more than you will ever know. Few schools have such an involved and supportive community. While at times, parents and teachers may have different opinions about what their child needs to be successful, I can say that at all times, teachers and parents have always only wanted what is best for the students.
To Mrs. Seiler, Ms. McGee, and Mrs. Czarnecki - I am not sure what I ever did to deserve such an incredible administrative team. Still, I am eternally grateful for your support. Ms. McGee, you have done a terrific job with the admissions process this year, and we are thankful you are on the team. Dear Mrs. Seiler, thank you for always keeping me organized and gently reminding me when I let something slip through the cracks and that it needed to be handled. Finally, Mrs. Czarnecki, I could not have asked for a better or more organized Assistant Principal. I am thankful for your wisdom when bouncing ideas off of you and your problem-solving skills when dealing with any challenges that arise every day.
And finally, to Fr. Bianco, Fr. Gough, Msgr. Woy and Fr. Ewing - A Parish school is only as successful as the leaders in the Parish wish it to be. Fr. Gough and Fr. Ewing, as the school pastors, I am so grateful that you can share with the children that priests are ordinary people who have a calling to love and serve God. We are blessed to have you in the school. I am indebted to Fr. Bianco and Msgr. Woy for allowing me to lead the school and trusting me throughout the process. 
Please know that Cathedral will always hold a special place in my heart, and I will continue to pray for everyone in the school. May God bless each of you and your endeavors.
With gratitude,
Dr. Michael Wright

Rising 8th Graders HSPT Prep Course

HSPT Prep is now open for registration. The Archdiocese has extended the program to run 9 weeks this fall and they have made significant upgrades to the program. You can find the flyer for registration here.  This program will absolutely reach capacity and we can only guarantee spots for families who register by June 24th. Students in the program last year scored 12 percentile points higher than kids not in the program so this is definitely an opportunity that you will want to share with families.

AoB Student Insurance for 22-23 SY

The Office of Risk Management for the Archdiocese of Baltimore offers a voluntary student accident plan for school families to purchase. This coverage is an inexpensive way for families to cover co-pays, high deductibles, and may even provide accident coverage in the event that no other health coverage is available.  
According to the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) most recent statistics, 80% of elementary students report to the school nurse or administrator at least once each year for injuries related to an accident while in school. Fortunately, most of these incidents are relatively minor. However, each year, a number of these students sustain injuries requiring medical treatment that cannot be rendered at school. Moreover, while high school students experience injuries at a lower rate, the injuries tend to be more severe, with many injuries resulting from participation in athletics and extracurricular activities.
The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) published a report regarding deductible amounts and co-payment requirements. Per the report, those plans with the most favorable terms on average provide an annual maximum of $2,000 per person or $4,000 per family for out-of-pocket paid expenses. This amount goes up from that point, maxing it out with plans that carry a maximum of $9,200 per person or $18,400 per family for the out-of-pocket paid expenses.
To learn more about this plan, please visit, and then select SCHOOLS in the red and blue menu at the bottom of the page.  From there, select Student Accident Plan for the Brochure and enrollment links.  Click here for a direct link

Summer Work 2022-2023

Prior to returning to school for the 2022-2023 school year in the fall, students are required to complete their Summer work.

All the summer work for your student's grade can be found here:


Teaser for 8th Grade Video

Over the course of the past few months, our class of 2022 has been filming a new middle school video for our school. Stay tuned on all socials and your email for it to be revealed next week!

SCMOQ Yearbooks

Students can order their 2022-2023 Yearbooks now! These Yearbooks are for all students - get your physical copy to remember the wonderful 2022-2023 school year. 

You can order them on the free MySchoolWallet app for only $35! The deadline to order yearbooks is June 10th.

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