Notes from the Principal's Desk: March 29, 2018

As we prepare ourselves for Easter Break, we also begin to wrap-up our Math Pilot program of Bridges. Please note, there is a change of dates for parent feedback session. Instead of April 11 after Easter Break, we are changing the parent feedback session to April 18. There will still be two meeting times: the first from 8am to 9am, and the second from 1:30pm to 2:30pm. The parent survey is still expected to be released on April 9, and we would be grateful for any feedback regarding the math pilot.

Last week, I spoke about the first four components of the 16 Habits of Mind: persisting, managing impulsivity, listening with understanding and empathy, and thinking flexibly. I also spoke about their relationship with 21st century skills. This week, I would like to share some examples of the next four components of the 16 Habits of Mind in the video below. These components are:

  • Thinking about your thinking - Metacognition or being aware of your own thoughts, strategies, feelings and actions
  • Striving for accuracy - Always doing your best, setting high standards and searching for improvement
  • Questioning and problem posing - Maintaining a questioning attitude, knowing what data is needed and developing questioning strategies
  • Applying past knowledge to new situations - using what you learn to access prior knowledge to go beyond the current situation in which it was learned

My hope is that these video clips demonstrate the many different ways our teachers use instructional time to reinforce the 16 Habits of Mind, as well as show how our faculty uses various strategies to support the students in strengthening these habits.

A few reminders:

  • When we return from Easter Break students may begin to wear their summer uniforms!
  • Spring Open House for potential new families is on Tuesday, April 10 from 8:30am to 11:30am - sign up here!
  • Standardized Testing begins April 11 and ends April 17.
  • The Cardinal Cup 5K is on Saturday April 21 - don't forget to register and help support Mother Seton Academy at this great event!
  • The Cathedral Ball will be held on Saturday April 28 - please buy your tickets and support the school in its biggest fundraiser of the year!

I pray that everyone has a blessed Easter break and is ready to finish up the year strong upon our return to school. 

God Bless,

Michael Wright