Notes from the Principal's Desk: November 28, 2017

I would like to welcome everyone back from Thanksgiving break. I hope you had some time to spend with family and friends. The next four weeks will be very busy leading into Christmas break, so it was good to have a few days off to prepare our minds and bodies for the weeks ahead.

We prepare for the Christmas season with the First Sunday of Advent on Sunday December 3rd. On Friday, the 8th of that week we celebrate the Immaculate Conception Mass as a school community at 8:15am. This will take the place of our usual Thursday Liturgy. We invite all who can to attend Mass with the school on Friday.

As we continue challenging students academically over the next several weeks, we encourage you to have conversations with your child about maintaining a growth mindset.  Often times I walk into classrooms and see the imagery and hear discussions about keeping a growth mindset. I think it is advantageous for parents to follow up our conversations about mindset at school with similar conversations at home. We tell the students that their brain is like a muscle and one must meet challenges, struggle and become comfortable with uncertainty in order to grow and succeed academically and intellectually. Don't be afraid to have these discussions with your child and let them struggle with homework or class projects. Developing self-advocacy skills is part of learning, and such struggle provides an opportunity to practice these skills.

An update on the Learning Garden: before break, the student council met and spoke with the CASPA sub-committee helping with the Learning Garden. The students had some terrific ideas regarding maintenance and process of planting in the garden. We have also gotten some reasonable estimates regarding a plaque for the ticket for a picket patrons and are in process of ordering a net to help keep balls from the turf field from entering the garden. We are very excited about the garden's future.

Finally, be on the look-out for some special Cathedral Ball activities in the next few weeks. The Ball will raise funds to help with the second stage of the kitchen renovation and is sure to be a not-miss event of the spring.

God bless,

Mr. Wright