Notes from the Principal's Desk: October 9, 2018

I would like to say thank you to all of the community members who were able to attend the ALICE information session on Monday in the Parish Center. We were able to have a good discussion, and I hope that I was able to share a bit about how the faculty would be practicing the drills with the students throughout the school year.

Today we were able to host our first Open House of the year for prospective families. We are thankful for the parents who volunteered and blessed to have CASPA’s support in numerous ways. A special thank you to Mrs. Diemer and Mrs. Kelly, who planned the event from beginning to end and helped prepare the student tour guides. 

A reminder that the Cathedral Open is this Thursday. If you are not able to attend the golf outing itself, we encourage you to attend the happy hour and social gathering later in the afternoon.

This Friday, our fifth grade students will participate in Step Up to Middle School. This event is an opportunity for our fifth grade students to experience a bit of Middle School at Cathedral while spending time in fellowship with the seventh and eighth grade students. Activities include academic classes, information sessions, and a Stars and Stripes activity.

Last week I shared some information about student-led conferences. To continue this discussion I would like to speak a little bit about a primary component of student led conferences, the portfolio. Portfolios are a collection of student work that is updated regularly and comprises of work that shows evidence of the students’ mastery of content, areas of growth, self-reflections and feedback.   Portfolios help students to reflect on their growth and learning while deepening students’ ownership of their learning. A strong portfolio structure will support strong student-led conferences because it serves as a historical record of student work, self-reflections, and teacher feedback. Although the student-led conferences will be homeroom-based, with the teacher acting as a facilitator, content for the portfolio will be drawn from all subject areas. The teachers will work with the students selecting content that best reflects the student work to date. The objective in creating a student portfolio is to tell the story of the student’s academic growth up to that point in the year.

Looking ahead to next week, don’t forget we have individual picture day on Monday, October 15th. Students should wear their summer uniform for individual picture day.  Speaking of uniforms, winter uniforms begin the following week, on Tuesday October 23rd.  Be sure to check that the winter uniform you have still fits your son or daughter before that week.  The used uniform bank is a great place to start when looking for uniforms. You can also find uniforms on Lands End and at Flynn & O’Hara.

God Bless,
Michael Wright