Notes from the Principal's Desk: CoVid-19 Update, Thanksgiving Collection, and more!

This Wednesday, we were notified of two siblings, one in Pre-1st and one in 2A (cohort A), of being in close contact with individuals who have tested positive for CoVid-19. Wednesday night, we were made aware that the student in Pre-1st tested positive for CoVid-19. The 2nd-grade student remains negative for CoVid-19. The two children have not been in school this week, and after speaking with the Department of Catholic Schools, Pre-1st students and their siblings are to not return to campus until Monday, November 16th. In the interim, students will be learning remotely. Parents of Pre-1st students can contact Elise Elbourne,, to set up a time to pick up any student supplies for their children.

Below I share a dashboard that communicates positive CoVid-19 tests and close contacts within the school. This dashboard will be shared and updated weekly.

CoVid-19 Dashboard November 5th, 2020

On Monday, November 9th, we begin our annual Thanksgiving Collection for the Parish of Immaculate Conception on Mosher St. Virtual students can drop off their donations in the foyer. The collection ends on Monday, November 23rd.
The following is what we ask specific grades to donate.
Bring in at least 4 of each item per student:
· Kindergarten and Pre-First: sweet potatoes (canned-non perishable)
· Grade 1: cranberry sauce
· Grade 2: green beans (canned or pouched)
· Grade 3: sauerkraut (canned-non perishable)
· Grade 4: carrots (canned-non perishable)
· Grade 5: stuffing mix
· Grade 6: corn (canned-non perishable)
· Grade 7: white potatoes (canned-non perishable)
· Grade 8: gravy
Parent Volunteers Needed!
We are incredibly grateful for all those parents who have signed up to volunteer at school. The role of parent volunteers will be critical in pursuing any option of increasing in-person five days a week instruction for students. It is only with a large bank of parent volunteers across all grade levels that bringing back more students will be possible. 
It is anticipated we will need at least 35 parent volunteers, spread equally among the 2nd through 8th grade, who commit to being in school at least once a week. We do not yet have the number of volunteers needed to pursue in-person five days a week instruction. 
We anticipate the one or two days a week commitment to last approximately nine weeks from January 4th until March 4th (the end of the second trimester). We will have another call for parent volunteers for the third trimester, which is from March 8th until the end of school on June 10th. 
Other details include:

  • For the protection of both the volunteer parents and the school community as a whole, it is essential that parents who have underlying medical conditions, are actively caring for elderly family members, or are employed in higher-risk professions such as hospitals, first responders, or other frontline workers refrain from volunteering at this time. 
  • Volunteers will also be expected to comply with all CoVid requirements, including masking, social distancing, and sanitization.
  • Volunteers are to be assigned only to provide support to their child's cohort. 
  • All volunteers must have completed VIRTUS and have been approved.

If you are interested in volunteering or if you are currently volunteering, please complete this interest form, Parent Volunteer Interest Form, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

There is no need to respond if you have already completed the form.
As the number of positive cases continues to rise in Maryland, we encourage all of our families to redouble their efforts to wear face masks, increase handwashing, continue social distancing, and limit extra-curricular activities. It is impressive that we have made it to November without any positive cases. However, as the Maryland Department of Health data suggests, the increase in positive cases may be a result of "CoVid" fatigue. Acknowledging that correlation is not causation, we know that by continuing to adhere to the Social Contract established at the beginning of the school year, it increases the likelihood of continuing in-person instruction for the students and protects the health well-being of our students, faculty, and staff.
God Bless,
Michael Wright