Notes from the Principal's Desk: results of culture survey, new Summer Experience, and more

Earlier this year, you may remember completing the Johns Hopkins University school culture survey. This survey was initiated by the Archdiocese as it begins the process of developing its next 10-year strategic plan. The survey was sent to faculty and staff, parents, and middle school students. Recently, the results of the survey were shared with school principals. I would like to share some strengths and opportunities for growth as identified by our school community regarding the school.

Parents, students, and faculty and staff agreed on the following areas of strength. First, the community highlighted that the school provides a safe, welcoming physical and social-emotional environment for the students and is a welcoming community to parents. Second, the community identified the challenging academic environment and professional judgment of the teachers. It was particularly positive to see that over 92% of parents surveyed noted they trust the faculty’s professional judgments.

Parents, students, and faculty and staff agreed on the following areas of opportunities for growth. As the school principal, I need to better communicate the direction, mission, and vision of the school. Additionally, we can work better as a community to not share negative stories about the school or one another. 

While I am happy to see are areas of strength, I am also invigorated by the opportunities for growth identified. I believe the most recent school strategic plan will be effective in guiding our path forward as we work to build a better school and community.

Speaking of the school community, we’d like to share that we are adding a new intervention to our Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports (PBIS) system. The new intervention is called a “Fix It Ticket” and will be used to help students when they have made a poor choice. This form will not be sent home. Instead, it is meant to serve as an intervention and provide a student with an opportunity to do better before sending home a parent communication form.

Finally, I am excited to announce the offering of a Cathedral Summer Experience this summer. Separate from Vacation Bible School and the Regina Plan's summer tutoring, the Cathedral Summer Experience is a 4-day summer camp from 8:30am until 12:30pm. Students entering grades 1 through 4 will participate in art, athletics, and STEM activities over the week. Students entering grades 5 through 8 will be able to go deeper and explore one of those areas over the four days.

The dates of the Cathedral Summer Experience are June 29th until July 2nd for the students entering 1st-4th grade. July 13th through July 16th are the dates for the students entering 5th through 8th grade. Since this is the first time the school has endeavored to have a summer experience, we have created an interest form, in order to understand who might enroll in this summer program. Click here to complete the interest form.

Looking to the week ahead:
Monday: Chick-fil-A Day 
Tuesday: Shadow Day for Prospective Students
Wednesday: Bake Sale hosted by grades 1 and 2
Thursday: School Liturgy
Friday: CASPA Board Meeting, St. Valentines Tag Day, Mustang Market open at 2 PM
No School on Monday, February 17th

Thank you and have a great weekend!
Michael Wright