Notes from the Principal's Desk: Statement from the Bishops on racial injustice, social media, and more

Talking with children about racial injustice, media, and social media, is very important right now. Social media can bring us together and drive us apart. When adults talk about the positives of social media, children feel much less defensive and are more open to talking about all sorts of other related topics. 

Students have told me that they are grateful for social media right now, especially in the time of social distancing. It helps children feel connected.  Instagram appears to be a preferred platform, wherein children are learning so much. When I am on social media, I am sometimes saddened by the negativity on display. However, I am also impressed by the conversations young people are having as they strive to make a positive change in our society. This summer is a perfect time to begin having conversations with your children about social media use and racial injustice.  

One resource that might be helpful to frame the conversation is the Maryland Bishops’ statement about racial justice released on Monday. Below are two links to the letter written by the Bishops. One is in English and one in Spanish. We encourage you to read the letter and hope that it is of value to your family as we endeavor to raise our children in a safe and just society. 

PDF of Bishops’ Letter in English
PDF of Bishops’ Letter in Spanish

As we prepare for next year’s academic journey, the faculty and staff will continue our own learnings about racial equity, inclusion, and culturally-relevant teaching. We look forward to working with the School Board and the parent community as we travel this path together.

Finally, the work is just beginning as we put together the school task force to provide wisdom and insight for the reopening of school in August. The Notes from the Principal Desk communications will likely be less frequent this summer, but I will be sure to periodically update the community on important information as we prepare for the 2020-2021 school year.

God Bless,
Michael Wright