Notes from the Principal's Desk: Summer Experience, interim reports, and more

Thank you to all of those who responded to the survey regarding the Cathedral Summer Experience.  By way of review, this summer we are offering a Cathedral Summer Experience. Distinct from Vacation Bible School and the Regina Plan's summer tutoring, the Cathedral Summer Experience is a 4-day summer camp from 8:30 am until 12:30 pm. Students entering grades 1 through 4 will participate in art, athletics, and STEM activities over the week. Students entering grades 5 through 8 will be able to go deeper and explore one of those areas over the four days.

The dates of the Cathedral Summer Experience are June 29th until July 2nd for the students entering 1st-4th grade. July 13th through July 16th are the dates for the students entering 5th through 8th grade. Since this is the first time the school has endeavored to have a summer experience, we have created an interest form, in order to understand who might enroll in this summer program. Click here to complete the interest form.

Yesterday, teachers handed out the interim reports for this trimester.  School can get harder for students during the year. Not only is the content more rigorous, but extracurricular activities can begin to take time away from students to complete their homework. 

We believe homework is important for a couple of reasons. Homework not only helps students review material they were exposed to through the day, but it also has the long-term benefit of helping students learn to manage their time.  Homework, when managed right, helps students become more disciplined by forcing them to set priorities and allocate time to complete the assignments.  

Additionally, homework helps students learn to complete long-term projects instead of waiting until the night before complete an assignment.  Students can help develop these skills within themselves by starting homework early, having a separate special place to complete homework, and working on one subject at a time.  

Taking breaks is OK and often times beneficial. Taking too long of a break by getting distracted by social media, watching Youtube videos, or playing video games is a danger, though. As a parent, it is often helpful to set aside a specific place for your child to complete their homework where you can track their progress and help them stay on task.  

Parents of older children should be mindful that sometimes students like to “listen to Youtube” while doing their homework.  While students can indeed listen to playlists on Youtube, we have often found that students can get distracted and go down a Youtube hole as they search for the next video or playlist before finishing a particular assignment. Before long, 45 minutes have passed before one assignment is finished.  

If you find your older child is taking an inordinate amount of time to complete assignments or is not turning assignments in on time, I have a suggestion.  Have the student complete the homework in a central location in the house, such as the kitchen or dining room table, so you can monitor their productivity. If they want to listen to music, don’t let them use earbuds or headphones.  And finally, stay away from the distraction of Youtube. Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon or other streaming services have great playlists without the distraction of the videos.   

Looking towards the week ahead:
Monday: No school, Middle School Ski Trip
Tuesday: 3rd and 4th grade Coffee and Conversation with the Principal
Wednesday: 3rd and 4th grade Coffee and Conversation with the Principal, Student Council Meeting 3 PM
Thursday: School Liturgy
Friday: Mustang Market Open at 2 PM, Middle School Mixer 

God Bless,
Michael Wright