Notes from the Principal's Desk: Thanksgiving for our community and a look ahead

I want to thank all of the students and parents who participated in this year’s student-led conferences. This time for students to reflect on their performance and growth is a vital practice for students to learn, and perhaps more important, for adults to model.  

When we return from Thanksgiving break it will surely feel like a quick three-week sprint to the Christmas break. Here's a quick reminder of what's ahead:
  • Monday, 12/2- Dress-down day for those who completed the survey
  • Tuesday, 12/3- Giving Tuesday, casserole collection for Our Daily Bread, 3 & 4th Grade Coffee with the Principal, STEM Club for grades 3-8 begins for those who registered
  • Wednesday, 12/4- Assembly, Catholic High School placement test (for 8th graders who registered for it), Progress Reports go home
  • Thursday, 12/5- Mass as a school community at 8:15am
  • Friday, 12/6- Spirit Day dressdown, CASPA Pottery Night
  • Saturday, 12/7- Admissions Testing for new applicants, 4th grade Class Mass, Christmas Tree Lighting

I pray that everyone has time to enjoy the Thanksgiving break and has some time to spend with family and friends.

A Catholic Thanksgiving prayer by Jesuit Father James Martin, author of “The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything” -- 

Loving God, who created and sustains the universe, who loved us all into being, and who gives us every good thing, we thank you for the blessings that you bring into our lives. We thank you for the gift of life itself, which you gave us in our mothers’ wombs. We thank you for the fresh start of each new day, which is a sign of your renewing and creative love.

And we thank you for our friends, our families, our neighbors and our coworkers, whose human love is an image of your divine care. Increase our gratitude this Thanksgiving Day, and help us to recognize all the good things that we have, both large and small. And magnify our desire to share what we have with others, so that they too may be grateful to you, Loving God.

God bless,
Michael Wright