Notes from the Principal's Desk: WBAL video, Pre-First Stations of the Cross, and more

Celebrating the Good News
As you might have already heard, yesterday we had a special visit from the Chancellor of Schools, Jim Sellinger. Mr. Sellinger came to the school to recognize the faculty and staff for all of the fantastic work they have put in this year during the pandemic to keep the students safe and the school open. In addition to Mr. Sellinger, we were also visited by WBAL TV’s Dr. Tim Tooten and the Catholic Review of Baltimore, who both covered the story. If you haven’t had a chance to see the reporting, you can view the WBAL segment here and the Catholic Review segment here.

Ask Rev Kev!
We have now entered week three of our Youtube series, Ask Rev Kev! Every Thursday, we share one or more of these one-minute videos where Rev Kev answers students' questions about Mass, the Catholic faith, and more. We encourage you to watch these as a family! Some grades also watch these and discuss them in religion class. Extending the conversation at home is a great way to deepen our community’s understanding of the Catholic faith. You can find the YouTube series here.

Reminder About Late Pick-Up 
Over the past few weeks, we have had an increase in the number of students being picked up after 3 PM. Not arriving to pick up your child or children at the scheduled dismissal time of 2:50 PM puts a strain on the faculty and staff as we try to hold our afternoon meetings. As a reminder, families picking up their children after 3:00 PM will be charged $1 a minute on the families FACTS account. For reference, the language included in the Parent/Student Handbook is shared below. 

The school day ends at 2:50 p.m. (On scheduled early dismissal days, the children are dismissed at 11:50 a.m.) The school is not responsible for the supervision of students before or after the times stated above. Therefore, children must be picked up from the parking lot by 3:00 p.m. (by Noon on scheduled early dismissal days). Children are not permitted to wait in the Marian Foyer to be picked up. The safety of the children is a prime factor, and this policy will be strictly enforced. Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension or dismissal of the student. Parents are required, therefore, to follow the times stipulated when dropping off or picking up students. After students have been picked up late two times, parents will be required to register for aftercare, and students will be sent there in the future when not picked up on time. If the aftercare program is full and parents are late picking up their child/ren, parents will be charged $1 per minute per child past 3:00 p.m. This fee will be deducted directly from the parents’ FACTS account.

Stations of the Cross
Recited and Prayed by Pre-First
Edited by the SCMOQ Digital Media Team 

As we go into the Holiest Days of Holy Week, enjoy our Pre-First Reciting/Praying the Stations of the Cross! The students share great works of art and do an excellent job. We also celebrate the work of Mr. Miller and the SCMOQ TV team. Watch the Pre-First Stations of the Cross here!

 An Easter Prayer
We would like to wish all of our community members a Happy and Joyous Easter Break. Please be mindful of our social contract to follow best practices regarding social distancing, handwashing, and mask-wearing over break, and be sure to inform us of any incidents of close contacts or any positive COVID results.

Finally, I share an Easter prayer I adapted from Fr. Larry Snyder, who offered this prayer at the fourth annual White House Easter Prayer Breakfast on April 8, 2013.

An Easter Prayer
Good and gracious God,
Our most glorious Creator,
As we greet the signs in nature around us:
Of Spring once again regaling us in bloom,
In the songs of returning birds and fields soon to be planted,
We give you praise for an even greater sign of new life: the resurrection of your Son,
Our Lord Jesus Christ, that we especially celebrate at this time.
The sadness and despair of his death has given way to the bright promise of immortality.
For the Resurrection is our guarantee that justice will triumph over treason,
Light will overcome darkness, and love will conquer death.
As we celebrate, we also dare to ask for your grace that we may live the promise given to us,
By imitating the life of Jesus in reaching out to the poor,
the marginalized, the least among us,
As we strive to be neighbor to all those we meet,
We ask your special blessings each and every day.
Working within us may we strive to make this great country of ours
a beacon of hope and justice in a world hungry for peace and so in need of your love.
We praise you in this Easter season.
Change our lives, change our hearts to be messengers of Easter joy and hope.
We make our prayer through Jesus Christ, our risen Lord forever.

God Bless,
Dr. Michael Wright