Notes from the Principal's Desk: A special feature on WMAR, potential for a Dress Down day, and more!

Shout Out to Sutton and Leo!

Previously we shared our congratulations to Sutton (6th grade) and Leo (7th grade), who won the Baltimore Ravens Inaugural Black History Month Essay Contest. Contestants had to write about an African American, past or present, who has positively impacted the community. The theme of the contest was to celebrate, motivate and inspire.

Sutton and Leo took home top honors in the middle school division. Sutton won the grand prize for her essay on poet Amanda Gorman. She won a Ravens jersey and four tickets to an upcoming game. Leo came in second place for his paper honoring Carla Hayden. He was awarded an autographed football.

This morning, Sutton and Leo were featured on WMAR’s Good to Know segment. You can check out the segment here:

We are so proud of Sutton and Leo!

Reminder About Dismissal Procedures

This week 4th and 5th grade students returned to school for five days a week in-person instruction. We are so excited to have the students back, and now is a good time to give some reminders about dismissal procedures. We realize that with more students returning to school that dismissal may take a few minutes longer. However, the safety of the students is our top priority. For this reason, we ask that everyone follow the same dismissal procedure. 

The school circle is reserved for the Cathedral Ball Hot Spot winner, parents who pick up their children who are serving as school safeties in the afternoon, and parents who have contacted the school about early dismissal.

All other vehicles should back into the parking spaces in the top lot. 
The middle lot is used for overflow if the top parking lot is full or for those arriving late. There is no need to park; instead, please form a single car line, providing a right of way for the Loyola shuttle bus.
The top lot is dismissed first, followed by the middle lot. 
Vehicles should not exit campus by driving in front of the church to Amberly Way because we have students walking home on the Amberly Way sidewalk, and that presents a safety issue. Furthermore, exiting in front of the church disrupts traffic flow for those following the dismissal procedures. 
Additionally, vehicles should not exit campus via the school entrance and church as the entrance is a one-way entrance.

If everyone works together following the dismissal procedures, we should be able to have everyone off-campus in 10 minutes. Thank you for your adherence to these procedures and for keeping our students, faculty, and staff safe.

2021-2022 School Holiday Calendar

We are happy to be able to share the 2021-2022 School Holiday Calendar with the community. Below you can find the start and end of school dates and the major holidays in which school will be closed. We look forward to sharing more of the next school year’s calendar in the coming months.
  • August 30th: Students Report
  • November 24th - 26: Thanksgiving Break
  • December 22st-31st: December Christmas Break
  • April 15th-22nd: Easter Break
  • May 27th - 30th: Memorial Day Break
  • June 3rd: 8th Grade Graduation
  • June 9th: Last Day of School for students 

Ask Rev Kev Video Series

Did you know we have a burgeoning YouTube star in our ranks? Fr. Kevin has started a new web series titled “Ask Rev Kev.” Students can submit questions to Fr. Kevin in a box next to the school office, and Fr. Kevin will answer the questions in short videos released on the school’s YouTube channel. If you have not yet subscribed to the school's YouTube channel, we encourage you to do so. Not only is it a great place to find videos about the school, but we gain more exposure with each new subscriber. 

Currently, we have 113 subscribers. If we can get 100 more subscribers by next Thursday, we will have a dress-down day on Friday, March 26th! 

Looking Ahead

Here is what is on tap tomorrow and for next week:

A Note of Gratitude

Finally, I want to thank all of the students, faculty, staff, parents, and guardians for your patience this school year. It is hard to imagine a little over a year ago; our lives changed more than anyone could have imagined. This year we have endeavored to reopen the school safely and sustainably, and without the support of CASPA, the School Board, the SCMOQ Taskforce, parents, and guardians, we would not have been so successful. It is great to have the students back five days a week, and we are cautiously optimistic about continuing this current format of school for the rest of the school year.

God Bless,
Dr. Wright