Notes from the Principal's Desk: SCMOQ Survey, Christmas Convocation, and more!

SCMOQ CoVid-19 Dashboard

SCMOQ CoVid-19 Dashboard

The Advent season is intended to be a season of preparation for the arrival of Jesus. While we typically regard Advent as a joyous season, it is also intended to be a period of preparation. Prayer, penance and fasting are appropriate during this season. This week grades 3 and 4 attended reconciliation and in the coming weeks 5th through 8th grade will also attend reconciliation. This time allows the students to be reflective and ask for forgiveness for the wrong they may have done.

SCMOQ Survey

We thank the 107 people who have already responded to the school survey. If you have not already completed the survey, we encourage you to do so. This survey does offer some open-ended response questions to help us discern any themes regarding feedback within the community. 

Please respond to the survey for only one of your children. If you have more than one child at Cathedral, you can complete the survey again for your other children. The survey will close tomorrow Friday, December 11. You can access the survey here: End of 1st Trimester Parent Survey 

Christmas Convocation

It is hard to believe that there are only 14 school days until Christmas break. I am sure everyone is looking forward to Christmas and celebrating the Advent season. One of the traditions at school is our Christmas Convocation. Unfortunately, this year we have to change the convocation format due to the CoVid-19 restrictions and social distancing. Rather than bring the entire school community together, we will be producing a virtual Christmas convocation this year. Over the past few weeks, we have been recording the convocation segments and creating a video to share with the community in December before we leave from Christmas break.

Christmas Adopt-A-Family Drive

This Christmas, we are collecting items to support the Adopt-a-Family efforts at our sister parish, Immaculate Conception on Druid Hill Ave. We ask each student to bring in these items by Thursday, December 18th. 
Here is the list of items for each grade:
KA, KB, PF- Adult sized socks
1st grade- Adult Underwear
2nd Grade- Adult Long underwear
3rd Grade- Adult Hats
4th Grade- Adult Gloves
5th grade- Toys
6th grade- Games
7th grade- Art/drawing supplies
8th grade- Footballs, Baseballs, etc

Re-enrollment Information

A reminder about re-enrollment, now is when we begin re-enrollment for current families. The re-enrollment fee for families who commit on or before January 1, 2021, is $300 per student, with $225 applied to the 21-22 tuition. After January 1, 2021, the fee is $325 per student, with $225 applied to the 21-22 tuition. The re-enrollment deadline is February 15, 2021. All re-enrollment fees are non-refundable.

Update of Close Contact Quarantine Timeline

Yesterday, the Department of Catholic Schools gave an update on the timeline for those individuals who are forced to quarantine due to close contact. The CDC recently revised the time to stay home from 14 days to 10 days. The period can be reduced to 7 days if a person elects to be tested on or after the 5th day but not earlier via a PCR test. Moreover, the person that is tested cannot return until the 7th day at the earliest and must have negative test results before being allowed to return.

God Bless,
Michael Wright