Thursday, February 14

Notes from the Principal's Desk: February 14, 2019

Principal Wright shares about the next strategic topics, upcoming events, upcoming events, robotics opportunities, and a video about executive functioning.

Tuesday, February 5

Notes from the Principal's Desk: February 5, 2019

Principal Wright details the next steps in the strategic planning process, the week ahead, and next year's preliminary calendar dates.

Thursday, January 31

Notes from the Principal's Desk: January 31, 2019

Principal Wright recaps Catholic Schools Week and shares about Archbishop Lori's new Pastoral Reflection: The Journey to Racial Justice: Repentance, Healing, and Action.

Wednesday, January 30

Introducing the Darby-Jacokes Scholarship!

The Regina Plan, a program unique to The School of the Cathedral, is designed to assist students with mild to moderate language-based differences. "The Darby-Jacokes Scholarship will enable more students to experience these benefits, which will serve them throughout their academic careers and beyond," says Dr. Lilly Hunter, of the scholarship fund she and her husband David established.

Wednesday, January 23

Teacher Experiences Auction Winners!

Who won Donuts and Dodgeball, Assistant Chaplain for a Day, Ice Cream for the whole homeroom, and more? Click here to see the winners!

Tuesday, January 22

Notes from the Principal's Desk: January 22, 2019

Mr. Wright shares about Catholic Schools Week, exams, and the school's strategic plan.

Wednesday, January 16

Notes from the Principal's Desk: January 16, 2019

Principal Wright shares updates on exam schedules, ALICE training, and more.

Tuesday, December 18

Notes from the Principal's Desk: December 18, 2018

The results of SLC, when the Book Fairies are visiting, and Christmas events this week.

Tuesday, December 11

Notes from the Principal's Desk: December 11, 2018

Principal Wright reflects on upcoming events at the school before Christmas break.

Monday, December 3

Getting to Know Father Kevin

It’s been a blast this fall having Father Kevin in our school and parish. We affectionately call him Rev Kev! He is faith-filled, fun, inspirational, and not afraid to jump right in and get to work with us. We know he is an awesome teammate, but here are some things you might not know!