Friday, August 28

Counselor's Corner: Back-to-School Readiness

Mrs. Streett, SCMOQ's School Counselor, shares a great resource about preparing your child for the start of the school year.

Thursday, August 27

Additional Clarity Regarding Class Lists and Cohorts

Mr. Wright shares additional clarity regarding class lists and cohorts.

Wednesday, August 26

Notes from the Principal's Desk: Class Lists, Class Schedules, Arrival and Dismissal details, and more

Mr. Wright shares more details about logistics for the start of the school year.

Tuesday, August 25

Mustang Musings: Prestigious Awards for our Alumni, Graduation celebrations, and more

Our latest alumni newsletter recognizes alumni who have earned special recognition recently, our Class of 2020, and more.

Thursday, August 20

Notes from the Principal's Desk: Info Session RSVPs, forms to complete, and more

Mr. Wright releases RSVPs for information sessions, reminds the community about necessary forms to complete, and more.

Tuesday, August 18

REVISED Reopening Plan

The School of the Cathedral's revised reopening plan.

Thursday, August 13

COVID-19 Response

The School of the Cathedral's COVID-19 response. The School of the Cathedral is a K-8 Catholic co-ed school in Baltimore, Maryland.

Thursday, July 30

Notes from the Principal's Desk: Survey results, school year preparations, and more

Principal Wright shares the results of the most recent parent and faculty/staff surveys and forms, updates on our preparations for the coming school year, and more.

Wednesday, July 29

5 Reasons to Send Your Child to a Catholic Middle School

The middle school years, sixth through eighth grade, are the most formative years of a child’s academic and social development. Middle school students go through many changes physically, socially, and emotionally. A safe and supportive school environment is critical to a child’s development. There are five critical elements to consider when contemplating sending your child to a Catholic Middle School. Click here to read about those five elements.

Friday, July 24

Special Communication: Archdiocese Reopening Plans

The Archdiocese of Baltimore Department of Catholic Schools reopening plan.