Peter Pan Program Ads & Patrons

Hello and welcome to Peter Pan! Everyone is so excited for this amazing production! Once again this year the Peter Pan program is accepting Ads and Patron lines. Here is what you can purchase to show your enthusiasm and appreciation for our amazing cast and crew.

  • Inside front cover ad—$150
  • FULL page ad—$100
  • HALF page ad —$50
  • QUARTER page ad—$25

The Deadline to purchase ads and patron lines is March 10.

Please send questions to Mary Fisher at

*Ads can be submitted using a PDF in the size you are purchasing. The sizes below are the edge to edge ink area—Meaning from right to left the width of the printed ink. Same for top to bottom. If the Ad has a box frame around it, the sizes below are the dimension of the box frame.

Full page Ad: Printed Image area no bigger than 5 x 8
Half Page Ad: Printed Image area no bigger than 5(w) x 3.75(h) (two half page Ads will need space between them)
Quarter page Ad: Printed Image area no bigger than 1.75(w) x 3.875(h)