News - Teacher Tuesday

Monday, December 3

Getting to Know Father Kevin

It’s been a blast this fall having Father Kevin in our school and parish. We affectionately call him Rev Kev! He is faith-filled, fun, inspirational, and not afraid to jump right in and get to work with us. We know he is an awesome teammate, but here are some things you might not know!

Tuesday, January 16

Teacher Tuesday: The Magnificent Mr. Miller

​“I care about each and every one of my students. You are all unique with special gifts that make the world a greater place because you are in it. It is my privilege to teach you.” --Mr. Miller. Read more about the Magnificent Mr. Miller in this week's Teacher Tuesday!

Tuesday, December 19

Teacher Tuesday: A Trifecta in the 6th Grade

​This week for Teacher Tuesday, we highlight our engaged and approachable 6th grade team! Ms. Sarah McKittrick and Ms. Samantha Donis are new to us this year, but you would never know it. They submersed themselves into our Cathedral culture and the teachers and students already adore them! Ms. Megan Bergin has been an important part of our community since 2005, and she is enjoying being part of the Middle School this year. Learn more about this terrific trio!

Tuesday, December 5

Mrs. Bernadette Streett, a remarkable School Counselor

​When I think about Bernadette Streett and how best to describe her, so many positive adjectives come to mind. The three that pop into my head instantly are selfless, compassionate, and talented. Mrs. Streett is so generous with her time and talents and a true advocate for her students and her contemporaries, as well. She has given 23 years to the community here at Cathedral. During that time, she has helped countless children and adults work through difficult issues and learn how to express themselves and communicate more effectively.

Tuesday, November 21

Teacher Tuesday: Mr. Mathis

Did you know that Mr. Jon Mathis has been making music at Cathedral for 24 years? That is impressive! Jon loves teaching Music class because he wants his students to find the joy and fun in making music. He tries to pick pieces that he knows his students will get excited about singing and playing.

Tuesday, November 7

Teacher Tuesday: Mrs. Macia

Mrs. Macia chose to send her son to Cathedral because she "knew he would receive an excellent education" while he learns about his faith. Mrs. Macia recently won the "Master Teacher" Award from ESF Camp. Her advice to students is to listen to their parents. We appreciate you, Mrs. Macia!

Tuesday, October 24

Teacher Tuesday: Mrs. Healy

For Mrs. Healy, the School of the Cathedral has been a place for her own children to thrive, a space pray with her students, and a venue to share her love of faith and math.

Tuesday, October 10

Teacher Tuesday: Mrs. Scully

Mrs. Scully recalls her Middle School experience at Cathedral as welcoming and inclusive, citing her Cathedral education as inspiration for a career working with children. Mrs. Scully loves teaching Pre-First, and she loves the benefits and positive outcomes of the Pre-First students.

Tuesday, September 26

Teacher Tuesday: Mrs. Wilder

"Every day is different; every day there is an opportunity to learn new things and interact with students that have amazing ideas and really want to learn. I think that is one of the many reasons I love teaching at Cathedral. Students want to learn and work to their potential. Being on a campus where we have a beautiful, historic Cathedral that is a true living classroom is just another reason the school is so special." -Mrs. Wilder, Grade 5 Teacher