Teacher Tuesday: Mrs. Scully

Meet Mrs. Scully, an alum and Pre-First Teacher at School of the Cathedral:

I loved Cathedral when I was a student because it was a very welcoming/inclusive community -- my family had moved from NY. I am still close with a lot of my friends that went here to this day. When we get together or run into each other, we always laugh about the fun times at Cathedral. I went here for 6th through 8th grade, and I have three other siblings that all attended and graduated from Cathedral.

I think Cathedral still is a special place with a lot of incredible families. When I was old enough to work, I always picked jobs or volunteer opportunities that were involved with helping children.

I love teaching Pre-First because I think it is such a wonderful opportunity for students to receive the gift of time. Anyone who has been a part of a Pre-First program praises the positive outcomes they have gotten out of the experience. I see the benefits the students gain in independence. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Pre-First and I am extremely flattered to take on the role of being the Pre-First Teacher.